Interlagos Route

Interlagos Route is immersed in an oasis created by man from the waters of the San Juan River. It is a route of more than 100 km between mountains that surround the water mirrors to enjoy with friends and family.

Throughout the route, you will find attractions of cultural interest, beaches, camping, accommodation and gastronomic services that invite you to fully experience your contact with nature.

It can be accessed by private vehicle or public transport to the Dique Punta Negra jetty, Line 129, El Libertador, Interlagos Route.

There are leisure activities for families or friends in beaches and camping areas in Dique de Ullum and in Paradores del Dique Punta Negra.

Those with a more adventurous spirit can practice some of these nautical activities: sailing, boating, kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddle, wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing, and diving. 

The mountains are an invitation for action such as hiking, trekking, mountain biking, sport climbing, or wall climbing. The paths between vineyards are ideal scenarios for horseback riding. 

The aerial activities include canopy crossing the San Juan River and paragliding from the Cerro Tres Marías or the Sierras Azules.