There are simple mountainous landscapes and then there are the landscapes that San Juan offers, which remain forever in your memories, because they invite you to action, combined with dykes that have incredible waves and skies where you will want to watch the stars for hours. There are activities that stimulate all the senses and that are ideal for sports and adventure seekers.

Windsurf? Kitesurf? Then this dam is what you’re looking for. It is one of the best places in the world to do these activities. It is the venue for international championships.

An impressive canyon that allows you to raft or kayak through the rapids at 40 km per hour.

This river is perfect for rafting or kayaking, with a unique scenery as is the impressive Andes Mountain Range.

The Aguas Blancas Park is the venue chosen for great national and international competitions. Freestyle kayaking or slalom, you choose, but this is the destination.

The San Juan dams allow many activities. If you are a lover of hiking, there are several circuits for trekking with different difficulties.

Ullum Dam, Punta Negra Dam, Cuesta del Viento Dam and San Juan River

Jachal River Canyon and Los Patos River.

Cuesta del Viento Dam and Ullum Dam

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