Valle de Calingasta is surrounded by the foothills and Andes mountain range, which cause an impact with its wide views. Cerro Mercedario, with its 6.770 meters of height, can be seen from here. One of the most demanded circuits of our mountain range is Balcón of 6000, a journey of approximately 10 days that takes you to the top and challenges your instincts.

Barreal is where you will be able to visit Cerro Alcázar, the venue for the Concert of the Americas that takes place in the month of April and proves that man and nature can coexist peacefully.

The favorite sport in this Valley is landyachting, driven by the wind in Pampa del Leoncito, the land yacht speeds up and gets lost in the mountain. This plain of 12 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide is a white desert that brings athletes and wind lovers together. If you can wait until nightfall, you will enjoy a striking starry sky.

In Barreal, you can also ride a mule or a horse between poplars and willows, go mountainbiking or rafting on the Los Patos River.

The Leoncito National Park is also here and preserves the local flora and fauna. You will be able to see guanacos, the suri, and if you have any luck, pumas that comes down from the Andes mountain range. It also includes two observatories (CASLEO and U.CESCO) that can be visited to see celestial objects and enjoy the sky in Calingasta.