San Juan brings many emotions. You see a picture and you say "I have to go there". And the best part of a photo is when you take it yourself. Come and visit the best destinations of San Juan.

Kindness, tranquility and culture are the characteristics that you will find on your tour of the city of San Juan. During your visit, you will be able to enjoy the unique traditions that contrast with the modernity of its architecture, the yellow tones, and the serenity of the siesta time.

The valleys located around the City of San Juan offer a wide range of activities to enjoy the day to the fullest. To start, you can do a light trekking in the Quebrada de Zonda and then have breakfast and enjoy the scenery at the Domingo F. Sarmiento Inn.

Valle de Calingasta is surrounded by the foothills and Andes mountain range, which cause an impact with its wide views. Cerro Mercedario, with its 6.770 meters of height, can be seen from here. One of the most demanded circuits of our mountain range is Balcón of 6000, a journey of approximately 10 days that takes you to the top and challenges your instincts.

Northwest of the City of San Juan is Valle Iglesia, a place that invites you to learn the history in its corners. You will find archaeological sites from the aborigines to the ancient Inca civilization.

Valle Fertil is a natural oasis located almost 250 km from the city of San Juan. It is known for its varied vegetation, including cardones, jarillas, cactus, and carob trees, among others.

San Jose de Jachal is about 160 km to the north from the City of San Juan. Natives such as the Capayanes, the Yacampis, and the Huarpes live in the culture and tradition of Jachal.