San Juan, Wine Route

Deserted ancient land of dinosaurs, Argentina's second wine-producing province, San Juan, celebrates life with varietal flavors such as Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Torrontes, among others.

San Juan has a long vineyard tradition thanks to the arrival of Spanish and Italian immigrants. On the arid ground of San Juan and under its harsh sunny weather, the work and the tenacity of the vintners produced fertile soils organized in the style of the Spanish vineyards. In the province where the Zonda wind reigns, the wine tourism offer invites you to visit traditional vineyards, old and modern wineries, and taste delicious wines and sparkling wines from the San Juan Valley.

The main wine-producing soils of the province of San Juan are the Valleys of Tulum (Albardon, Caucete, San Martín, Angaco, Pocito, Sarmiento, 25 de Mayo), Zonda and Ullum. The wineries that are part of the San Juan Wine Route are located in the vicinity of the capital of the province, where traditional winemaking and other avant-garde establishments can be found. There are also wineries - and vineyards - in a natural setting of amazing beauty, where there are many boutique type shops. Here, shop owners themselves receive travelers to walk them through a guided tour that allows them to appreciate a production that combines artisan processes and advanced technology. The south of the city of San Juan, an area of exceptional fertility, is home to wine producing companies and organic sparkling wine producers.