Parachuting and Paragliding

Do you dare to jump and enjoy the feeling of a free fall at 3000 meters?


Pocito (San Juan Civil Aviation Center) | Jáchal (Aero Club Frontera Jáchal)

Jump and enjoy the feeling of a free fall of 35 seconds that only compares to a jump from an airplane at 3000 meters, plus 7 -8 minutes of flight with the parachute open, added to 20 minutes of flight by plane surrounded by an amazing scenery with the best landscape of the mountain range and vineyards.


Cerro Tres Marías, Sierras Azules, La Laja

Enjoy the unique feeling of paragliding in tandem flights with certified instructors. The busiest place is the Tres Marías hill, which has to be climbed walking, with incredible landscapes of the Ullum dam and the Zonda valley.

The takeoff lasts almost five seconds. While flying, you’ll look for updrafts as do large birds such as condors.

Flying time goes from 15 to 25 minutes reaching great heights.