Sport fishing

Ullum Dam, Punta Negra Dam, Cuesta del Viento Dam, Rivers and Streams

The Ullum and Punta Negra Dams, two large San Juan reservoirs that attract fishermen from all over the country to catch large pejerreyes and the Cuesta del Viento dam, where the largest pejerreyes in the country are caught.

In the rivers of the mountain range, the rainbow trout, brown trout, Fontinalis and fly fishing have great prominence in rivers and streams, including Blanco River, Castaño River, Calingasta River and Los Patos River.

Fishing License

The Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development issues fishing licenses that can be obtained in fishing stores.

  • Portezuelo | Urquiza 350 Sur. Capital.
  • Mora Pesca | Dr. Ortega 2035 Oeste before Vidart. Rawson.
  • Cuchillería San Juan | Salta 1049 Norte. Capital.
  • Dir Off S.A. | Laprida 402 oeste. Capital.
  • Pesca San Juan | Brasil 811 Este. Capital.