Valle Fertil

Valle Fertil is a natural oasis located almost 250 km from the city of San Juan. It is known for its varied vegetation, including cardones, jarillas, cactus, and carob trees, among others.

Towns such as Chucuma, Astica, Las Tumanas, Usno and La Majadita, invite us to ride, hike or trek, visit museums and farms, and even go birdwatching.

75 km from San Agustin de Valle Fertil is the Ischigualasto Provincial Park. You probably know it as "Valley of the Moon" because of the images you have seen. Its well-known geological formations and its paleontological wealth contribute to the value and importance of this site that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the Talampaya National Park.

The wind erosion had its way and formed the 200-meter-high Barrancas Coloradas. With a reddish color, given by the iron, these contrast with the grays and greens, since tones change from dawn to dusk.

El Gusano, El Hongo, La Esfinge, and La Cancha de Bochas seem part of a story but these are the names that were given to the forms generated by wind and water.

The history of the earth is present in fossils of animals and plants. Geologically and paleontologically, this area represents the first of the periods in which the Mesozoic Era is divided: the Triassic Period.