Valle de Tulum, Ullum and Zonda

The valleys located around the City of San Juan offer a wide range of activities to enjoy the day to the fullest. To start, you can do a light trekking in the Quebrada de Zonda and then have breakfast and enjoy the scenery at the Domingo F. Sarmiento Inn.

If you like the outdoors and nature, you can have lunch in the Garden of the Poets, a park that is within the circuit of the four kilometers to the creek. On the other hand, the impressive Eduardo Copello Racetrack offers great views, and is the venue for the National Festival of the Sun in February.

If you enjoy water sports, you can go to Dique de Ullum, where you will find different areas where you can do windsurfing, kayaking and sailing, among others. Before arriving at the Dike you will see the San Juan River with the Aguas Blancas Park, where there is an artificial wave, which was the venue for the last freestyle kayak in 2017.

If you enjoy good wines, you must visit the San Juan wineries that represent more than four centuries of wine production. Each winery is unique but they all have something to tell about our history. Rivadavia, Zonda, Rawson, Pocito and Albardon have these establishments for you to visit and learn about the vineyards.