Sarmiento Birth House

It was formerly known as Barrio El Carrascal. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the Teacher of America, was born and lived there on Sarmiento St. and Libertador Ave.

Built in 1811, 100 years later the house turned into the first building declared a National Historic Landmark.

We recommend that you take a guided tour where you can get to know its nine rooms, its old furniture, and thus rebuild the life of this national hero.

Upon entering the central patio, you will see the famous fig tree owned by Doña Paula Albarracín, Sarmiento’s mother. You can sit down its shade and take one of the emblematic photos of the history of San Juan.

You can also visit the Domingo F. Sarmiento Public Library that offers a varied literary collection of this national hero, and the most outstanding international writers.