Crossing the Andes

Near the Andes Mountain Range, on the border of Argentina with Chile, is a unique place where the charm of nature merges with history. An adventure in the heights after the footsteps of San Martin.

In 1817 the Liberation Army of the Americas, headed by General Jose de San Martin, crossed the magnificent Andes Mountain Range through Patos Sur, a passage in the valley of the same name in the southwest of the province of San Juan . Today, there are horseback excursions departing from the Barreal town to recreate fragments of one of the most moving historical deeds of the region.

The object is to ride for 6 days, between 3.000 and 4.500 m.a.s.l., about 100 km along the rugged Andean geography to the limit with Chile following part of the San Martin Route. On the way, the traveling souls will enjoy the impressive nature in the untouchable natural landscape: when entering the Volcan River, you can enjoy the majestic Aconcagua very closely. You can see native high mountain flora and fauna and, at night, you can enjoy the stars in the sky of San Juan, which will give this adventure a definitely charming touch.

Barreal is located in the Calingasta Valley, in the southwest of San Juan, 220 km from the provincial capital.

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