Action in the Land of the Sun

A province full of natural attractions, and the ideal setting to practice non-conventional sports.

The rugged landscapes of the mountain range at the foot of Cerro Mercedario and others, the all-terrain vehicles roar in the complex ascent to the top. Through winding paths, mountain bikes analyze each movement until they dodge each obstacle. From the top of the summits, rivers of angry waters descend, inviting you to make the most exciting descent. In the plains, the fierce wind is the best ally to fly, on land, or on water. Below, the landscape of the mountains invites you to walk calmly, in silence. On the back of a mule, as in ancient times, the adventurers must reach the most remote places where inhabitants will welcome them with great hospitality. The Valley of the Moon offers the most unprecedented adventure sports race in Argentina: "Desafío Ischigualasto". An annual competition that explores deserts, crosses hills, and brings out the unparalleled figures and landscapes of a site that has been declared a World Heritage Site. Competitors will face two sports modalities along 50 km: mountain bike (40 km) and running (trekking to Cerro Morado, 10 km). Throughout the journey, your efforts will be crowned by a unique natural scenario in the world.

In the mountain departments of Calingasta and Iglesia, excursions are done in 4x4 or on horseback according to the accessibility of the areas, also varying their duration (from 2 to 10 days). The offer of activities is wide: it includes trekking, horseback riding, climbing, photographic safaris, mountain fishing, rafting, and landyatching. There are several spots to visit: the valley of the rivers Los Patos, Blanco and Colorado; the Ramada and Ansilta range, the Mercedario hill; the San Guillermo National Park. There are various suggestions: fishing in the historic spot of Las Hornillas; rafting in Los Patos and in the San Juan and Jachal rivers, landyatching in Pampa de El Leoncito; sighting of fauna in the mountainous area; horseback riding and trekking along the path of the Liberator Gral. Jose de San Martin in the High Mountain Range, among many others.

To the east, in the department of Valle Fertil, mule rides are organized to the system of the sierras of Valle Fertil and La Huerta; walks of 2 to 3 days where it is possible to find small populations dedicated to the breeding of goats and the making of handicrafts in leather and wood. In February, the Tras las Sierras Safari attracts a large number of spectators.

In all cases, those who provide these services are responsible for setting dates and indicating the personal equipment necessary for high mountain expeditions. In addition, they provide animals, mounts, tools, tents, food, and transfer services.