Windsurf and kitesurf

An oasis of green waters that offer action in Cuyo lands. With more than 300 days a year of winds over 20 knots, the Cuesta del Viento reservoir - in Rodeo, about 200 km from the city of San Juan - is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing.

In addition to one of the most beautiful landscapes of the land of Syrah, this paradise of windsurfing and kitesurfing covers some 3 thousand hectares where green water contrasts with the darkness of the rocks.

It is calm in the mornings -when people are kayaking and/or enjoying fishing-, but it is full of visitors from midday who are eagerly waiting for the strong southeasterly winds that make you want to play between the waves./p>

Dique Cuesta del Viento hosts national and international competitions.

Rodeo offers camping services, supplies, and an interesting offer for accommodation and gastronomy, as well as a young 'beach' feel.

You may windsurf in Dique de Ullum or Punta Negra, which are closer to the city of San Juan.