Northwest of the City of San Juan is Valle Iglesia, a place that invites you to learn the history in its corners. You will find archaeological sites from the aborigines to the ancient Inca civilization.

If you enjoy relaxing, you can visit the Pismanta Thermal Baths, a spring of natural thermal waters that runs through Valle Iglesia. It is known for its healing properties recommended for rheumatism, allergies, osteoarthritis, or related conditions. Temperatures range between 38 and 45 degrees Celsius. In winter, it is one of the places you must visit, take a break, and continue visiting Iglesia.

You may also visit the Achango Chapel, built by the Jesuits in the 18th century. It is one of the many national historical monuments of the province and still conserves an old image of the Virgin Mary with natural hair, which was brought from Cuzco, through Chile.

Valle de Iglesia invites you to do windsurfing and kitesurfing in one of the windiest lakes in the world. With more than 300 days a year of wind at 20 knots, the Dique Cuesta del Viento is the venue chosen for the Kitefest, a meeting where surfers from all over the world show their skills. You can also visit it throughout the year, see its beaches, and practice sport fishing.

Paso de Agua Negra, located in Iglesia, connects San Juan and Chile. Las Flores is the last town before starting the trip to the bordering country. The Agua Negra area is characterized by its beauty, with an Andean landscape and ice formations that are unusual anywhere else in the world.

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