City of San Juan

Kindness, tranquility and culture are the characteristics that you will find on your tour of the city of San Juan. During your visit, you will be able to enjoy the unique traditions that contrast with the modernity of its architecture, the yellow tones, and the serenity of the siesta time.

We do not say this only because we are from San Juan, but the city is really charming, surrounded by the landscape of the foothills and at a height of 650 meters above sea level.

The cultural tour includes visits to the archaeological museums that introduce us to ancient civilizations.

Before starting this tour, we recommend that you start with the birth House of de Sarmiento, declared the first national historical museum 100 years ago. For fans of modernism, the Bicentennial Theater is a must, and one of the most emblematic theaters in the country. For music lovers, the Juan Victoria Auditorium Complex is a must. Here you will find one of the most outstanding music rooms in Latin America.

An unparalleled experience for the anxious will be to try San Juan's siestas, which highlight the tranquility of the city. Rest for a few minutes at this time of the day wherever you are.

When you visit the City of San Juan, you will always find top quality accommodation, unique flavors, and activities for all.