Horseback Riding

Rivadavia, Ullum, Zonda and Calingasta.

Horseback ride along the mountain departments and San Juan valleys that offer stunning landcapes through short trips or expeditions that require logistics for several days. Some of the tours include:

  • Crossing of the Andes Horseback Riding,, Crossing De los Patos Sur is an expedition full of emotions for its landscapes, the rough weather, the work of the mules, and guides, added to the history where the impressive feat of the great José de San Martin and his liberation troops is relived, as they chose these ravines, mountain ranges, valleys and steps to start the path freedom as a country and as a continent. Operability is from December to March, summer of the southern hemisphere.
  • Faith Horseback Riding to Difunta Correa, a sign of faith, tradition and tourist interest with the participation of more than 5.000 people, including riders and pilgrims in carriages and sulks. They travel a distance of 60 kilometers between the city of San Juan and the oratory of the Difunta Correa.