San Juan a la Mesa

San Juan flavors, sounds tempting?

We invite you to try the best products, the food, the aromas, and flavors that represent us. It is a mixture of the immigrant tradition with local flavors. Come and enjoy the traditional flavors of the province.

San Juan offers the Wine Routewhich is very famous at a national level. Explore the circuit that covers 9 departments, with more than 14 wineries offering tastings and guided tours. If you visit them during the harvest season, you can be part of the experience of picking the grapes from the vine, as well as enjoying a wide gastronomic offer.

On the other hand, there is also the Olive Route, which includes the extensive olive sector of the province. There are large establishments that will show you how the drip irrigation system, pruning, and cultivation of the olive works, in addition to showing you in detail the preparation of canned olives or olive oil.  Other attractions include the oil guided tours, where you will have the opportunity to discover varieties and different qualities of olive oils, as well as the chance to taste them in dishes and desserts.

Looking to be surprised? Try the quince cheese, which has a denomination of origin with a clear San Juan touch. The climate of San Juan has the optimum characteristics that give its particularity to quinces and the artisanal tradition of its preparation.

With approximately 3 kilos, this piece of meat is above the ribs and under the cow’s flank steak. It has a tender texture, punta de espalda can be to cooked on the grill, on the flames, on the mud oven, or the gas oven.

Stuffed punta de espalda, punta de espalda with mushroom, grilled punta de espalda or in the oven, are typical dishes in San Juan that can be found in the restaurants of the Province.

To top it off, you can match punta de espalda over the flame with a wine from San Juan, together with some snacks with olive oil and characteristic regional products such as nuts, melon, quince cheese, and alcayota, among others.

If you come in the month of August, y ou can enjoy a party in honor of the punta de espalda beef cut.