San Jose de Jachal is about 160 km to the north from the City of San Juan. Natives such as the Capayanes, the Yacampis, and the Huarpes live in the culture and tradition of Jachal.

An old chapel is the origin of the historic Villa of San Jose de Jachal, later converted into the Church of San Jose de Jachal, declared a National Historical Monument. Opposite is the central square where the colors, beauty, and customs of a traditional town come together.

In addition, the old flour mills are National Historic Monuments, which are still driven by water, and some of them are more than 200 years old. Do not miss the guided tour to learn how they still make flour as it was done in the 19th century.

The Tradition Festival is a fundamental part of the life in Jachal, with the presence of more than three hundred gauchos who remake El Fogón de los Arrieros, a song for national unity created by its greatest poet, Buenaventura Luna.

Huaco is a must-see, since it will truly amaze you, it is a beautiful little town stopped in time that surprises you with so much beauty. There are huge bricks that connect together and form colonial houses or party walls dividing one garden from another. The streets full of dust and the architecture of the place is unforgettable.

The San Juan poet Eusebio de Jesus Dojorti rests in the cemetery of Huaco, under a cross made from a trunk, and a guitar carved in wood.

The Old Huaco Mill (which once belonged to the Dojorti family) is currently a National Historic Monument. Inside are huge wooden machines that grind wheat to obtain flour.

San Juan It is a province with stunning landscapes, of which you can not appreciate its immensity in a photograph. You have to see it for yourself and contemplate the immensity. Come to visit the best destinations.

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