High Mountain

Cerro Mercedario, Valle del Colorado, Cordillera de Ansilta, Arroyo Turquesa | Barreal, Calingasta.

Enjoy trekking and doing climbings of low, medium and high difficulty through the imposing San Juan mountain range.

The most important include cerro Mercedario, the fourth highest peak in Argentina, second in importance in the Cuyo region, and a mythical mountain of the beautiful Cordillera de la Ramada where the Incas climbed up to 6.720 meters of its snowy summit to worship the sun god.

Certified mountain guides offer expeditions for people with little experience providing the necessary services for a safe expedition through places of pristine beauty. They also offer expeditions for the most experienced people and offer them a great challenge towards the white peaks along regular routes and routes with greater difficulty through the many hills in the area.